As the seasons turn, so do our wheels!

GObike Buffalo | April 1, 2019, 6-8 pm

April Volunteer Night: Intro to GObike

In April, meet the workshop and learn what we do 


We want to give back to you, our cycling community...

Where: GOBike Community Workshop at 98 Colvin Avenue (venues will change with the weather and as participation grows)
When:  April 1, 2019; 6 pm to 8 pm
What:  Get informed, learn something about bikes and have fun.

Ever want to come to the Community Workshop and see what's going on?  Do you want a better understanding of how we run the logistics of tactical pop-ups?  Want to learn how to fix a flat?  We're going to do a little of all of that! 

Monthly Volunteer Nights themes reflect the season and things that might be important to you, our volunteers. We'll keep you informed about what we're up to and opportunities to participate. We'd also like to have your feedback on what you'd like to see at future Volunteer Nights or about volunteering and GObike programs in general.

The April Volunteer Night will be on April 1st at 6 pm at theGObike COMMUNITY WORKSHOP which is at 98 Colvin Avenue.  Volunteer Nights will be scheduled on the first Monday night of the month until next month (May) when it will change to the first Friday night of the month to accommodate everyone who wants to get their Slow Roll on! As the weather gets warmer and activities for Volunteer Nights change, we'll likely change venues.