Heels N’ Wheels On Bailey

Aug 6 4:00 pm

Join the Western New York Liberation Collective, walkers, skaters, and bicyclists, for “Heels N’ Wheels on Bailey, a united march for change and racial equity. Walkers and skaters will start at 2767 Bailey Avenue and cyclists will start at ¬†1700 Bailey Avenue at 4 pm. Speakers will be scheduled for both locations.

Part of the motivation for the march is to draw attention to the continued neglect of Bailey Avenue which creates safety hazards for those walking, biking, driving as well as residents and business owners. The organizers ask the following:

  • We want to know when interim safety measures, as promised by the DPW in January 2020, ¬†will be implemented.
  • We want transparency about how projects are selected and funded by the DPW.
  • We want to know how many people need to die before the DPW will take action to fix Bailey.
  • We want an acknowledgment from authorities that infrastructure spending is weighted toward more affluent and white neighborhoods.

Join us! For more information, check out the event Facebook page.