Biking 101

Apr 14 1:00 pm

“Cycling is easy — really easy. In fact, cycling is so easy that it’s the standard by which all other easy stuff is measured, hence expressions such as, ‘As easy as riding a bike’ and, ‘It’s like riding a bicycle – you never forget.’ On the cliché scale of difficulty, the only activity that ranks lower than riding a bike is a walk in the park.”

– Eben Weiss aka The Bike Snob

Join us for a bike education class!
In this class, you’ll learn:
  • Types of bikes / Selecting and fitting the right bike for you
  • Getting ready to ride
  • How to ride
  • Time: ~30 minutes

This class is part of our Together, We Ride, campaign, focusing on encouraging safe interactions between all road users. Funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with a grant from the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.